Soon, you may no longer be able to talk on a cell phone while driving in Michigan. According to a report from, state lawmakers are looking at a bill that would increase so-called distracted driving restrictions while driving.

As it stands, it is illegal to text and drive. But, the new bill would outlaw any use of a handheld device while driving, unless a speaker phone, Bluetooth, or similar hands free device was being used. The new regulations would outlaw electronic searches. Videos and photos would not be able to be viewed, sent, or taken while driving. E-mail, text, and IM would also be banned. Handheld games, laptops, GPS units and pagers would also be off limits behind the wheel under new laws.

The bills also go as far as to cover a ban of device usage at stop signs or stoplights. Devices would be allowed to be turned off or on, activated and deactivated if mounted on a center console, windshield or dashboard and able to be executed with a single finger tap or swipe.

The proposed penalty would be a $250 ticket on a first offense; $500 and license points on any other offenses.

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