Say you went to have liposuction done. Instead of going to a professional building you walked into an unfinished pole barn... Wouldn't your inner voice be screaming at you there might be a problem? Maybe not if you really wanted to lose that weight.

USA Today had this story, I thought it was fake news from the liberal media but it appears to be true. On April 20th, he performed liposuction on a woman for 10 hours in the unfinished pole barn. The patient had to be taken away in an ambulance. Her family claims they saw the procedure and saw the good Dr. pour the woman's fat down the drain.

Yesterday, the osteopathic license of Dr. Bradley Bastow was suspended. An investigation concluded he was sloppy and engaged in several unsanitary practices and put the public's health and safety at risk. It looks like a while before he'll be "practicing" again. Click here to see the full MESSED up story. 

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