The Detroit News had a story yesterday about the amount of drugs that were handed to police on National Drug Take Back Day. Over 20 THOUSAND POUNDS in Michigan alone. Nationally, it was just under a MILLION POUNDS of prescription pills. Click here to see the story.

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I thought these things were a stupid idea but wow, this is an obvious success. Police want to make sure if you are dropping off your drugs to make sure it's an official drop off site. The Drug Enforcement Agency said April 29th was the most successful drug take back ever. The next one is set for October 28. just ranked Michigan #10 in the Nation for Drug Use. Click here to see that. In many cases, people get addicted to the prescription painkillers. Then, after the prescriptions are cut off, they turn to cheaper, more dangerous and readily available street drugs. Some people say prescription painkillers are the new Gateway Drug.


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