Michigan is home to the Great Lakes and awesome winters. I think season change is awesome and I like almost every season in Michigan. The one I could do without is spring. I'm ok with going straight into summer immediately following winter.

Winter can be a lot of fun for Michigan residents. We get to enjoy sledding, cross country skiing, ice skating, snow tubing and many more options for outdoor fun in the snow. Another fun filled option for winter is attending a winter festival.

Wikipedia defines a winter festival as:

A winter festival, winter carnival, snow festival, or frost fair is an outdoor cold weather celebration that occurs in wintertime. Winter festivals are popular in D climates where winter is particularly long or severe, such as Siberia, Scandinavia, Canada and the northern United States.

It looks like Michigan ranks right up there with Siberia, Scandinavia and Canada. Michigan has plenty of winter festivals for you to attend this winter. Make sure you dress warm so you can enjoy the festivities.

Depending on which festival you attend you'll be treated to cool things like ice sculpting, sleigh rides, penguin parades, fun activities for the kids to win prizes and so much more.

If you're bored this winter, you're doing something wrong. Step out of your comfort zone, hit the road and have some fun. Hot chocolate will keep you warm and the memories you create for yourself or you and your family are priceless.

Michigan Winter Festivals

Michigan Tech Winter Carnival - Houghton - 2/8 - 2/11/23 - this will be the 100th anniversary for the Winter Carnival at Michigan Tech.

Michigan Ice Festival - Munising - 2/8 - 2/12/23

Tip-Up Town USA - Houghton Lake - 1/22,1/23,1/28/23 - I've never been, I understand this is a great time, might be geared towards adult.

Pure Ludington Brrrewfest - 1/28/23 - if beer is your thing, this is ideal for you.

Benzie Winterfest - Beulah - 2/11/23

Ice Breker Festival - South Haven - 2/3 - 2/5/23

World of Winter - Grand Rapids - 1/6 - 3/5/23

Holiday Crossroads - Genesee - this event is happening throughout the month of December.

Zehnder's Snowfest - Frankenmuth - 1/25 - 1/29/23 - if it's a Zehnder's you know it'll be fun.

Tecumseh's Annual Ice Festival - Tecumseh - 1/21 - 1/22/23

Stay warm and have fun this winter.

Uniquely Beautiful Shots of First Winter Storm in U.P. from Local Photographer

Local photographer Laura Maynard of U.P. Serenity Photography was able to capture the first winter storm over Lake Superior at Presque Isle Park in Marquette, Michigan. She agreed to let us use her beautiful photos!

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