Now I know, I KNOW, we here in Lansing have a strong feeling of the best chip dip (looking at you Quality Dairy French Onion) but hear me out, this one is a classic too.

It's the time of the year where crock pot meals just "hit different" (as the kids say nowadays) so, naturally, chip dips are all the rage.

When I think of a "chip dip" the first things that come to my mind are not things that come in prepackaged tubs. No, no, they are things that require a few fresh ingredients, some time and care to prepare and A LOT of love!

Favorites of mine include, seven-layer dips, buffalo chicken dip (I'd die for that one), queso, beer cheese dip or just any other kind of various dips that have shredded chicken in them.

I'm a bit of a dip snob and I'm not ashamed to admit that. If you come to my house with a mediocre dip, you WILL know.

So as we come upon Sunday's "big game" what kind of dip will you bring to the gathering that will satisfy everyone's taste buds?

Well, here in Michigan, there's one you can make that is more than likely going to do just that.

According to Zippia, Michigan's favorite chip dip is...GUACAMOLE!

When I tell you I screeched with glee when I saw this, I mean it.

Guacamole is not only delicious but it is so versatile.

Every person or restaurant makes it differently based on their preferences or if they have that unfortunate genetic trait that makes cilantro taste like soap.

There is really never a time where guacamole does not sound good to me and it fills me with so much serotonin to know people in my state agree.

Salsa may be the number-one choice in America but guac comes in as a close second.

Whatever you choose to dip your chips in this weekend (or really any time) keep in mind the cardinal rules of dip etiquette: DO NOT double-dip and if your chip breaks, don't leave the remnants behind, you send in another for recon.

If you are looking for something to wash down all that dip, here are some *signature* drinks from each state to check out!

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