I heard the cheers in the hallway today. "We're number 33! We're number 33!" The jubilation was spreading around work that Michigan was voted #33 best state! According to some obvious chowder head study from US News. They had Massachusetts the #1 state! Michigan was 9 spots behind Florida... FLORIDA! Click here to see this total bs. 

From the Pants Stash
From the Pants Stash

I mean, the parts about us being better than Ohio, Texas and the rest of the states is right on but Michigan not being in the top 10 is ridiculous. They had Michigan ranked #42 in education. What a kick in the ablls. (I was using the misspelling as a joke, see)

We used to be and can be so much better than this. We used to be able to look way down and see Ohio. Now they aren't too far away. We ARE better than Texas, Ohio and Florida... But not by enough.



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