With so many major pizza chains coming from Michigan, is Little Caesars, Hungry Howie’s, Buddy’s Pizza or Jet’s the most searched?

An analysis done by WorkWise identifying Michigan's pizza search trends, as reported by MLive, has Little Caesars reigning supreme!

It is safe to say Little Caesar's and a good ol' "Hot-n-Ready" has become something of a staple for Michiganders and it helps that the massive "Pizza! Pizza!" chain is also the third largest pizza chain in the world.

According to MLive, the chain boasts locations in each of the 50 states and even 26 countries and territories. Also, who could forget the fact they have a whole arena?

Little Caesar's also just extended their reach a little bit more by finally announcing they now deliver.

Michigan-based pizza places still made the ranks in other states in the analysis, with Ann Arbor's own Domino's Pizza leading with 19 states as the top-searched pizza chain.

Now we know nothing beats your favorite, locally-owned pizza joint but chains like Little Caesar's, Domino's and others got their start the same way right here in Michigan and that's something we can be proud of.

So grab a slice and celebrate Michigan's saucy, cheesy, delicious victories!

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