While we have been quarantined, it has been a great to have some extra time to get a lot done to get mine and Jordan's new home move-in ready.

It started off when we got the keys and were able to get in after Jordan's brother and sister-in-law moved out.

While they lived in the house they got and trained a Doberman when he was a puppy so, naturally, some things were a little beat-up but we mainly just wanted to make it our own.

Before quarantine, we had painting done to give some rooms a fresh coat and completely transform others.

Lately we have been ordering lots from private sellers on Ebay, as to not overwhelm those at bigger online stores such as Amazon with nonessential purchases.

We have put together lots of step-by-step furniture and have been able to move lots in, decorate a bit and just get organized.

Here is a look (so far) at the things we have done to make our cute little home our own and I will try to update more and more and possibly do an "MTV Cribs" style walk-through.

Home Improvement In Quarantine

While many of you have probably been settled into your homes for a while, here's to hoping this sparks some inspiration to get creative, change up your space or just do something productive to stay entertained in quarantine.

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