As many of you know, ever since I started here at WMMQ back in December, I have still been paying rent to my place in Grand Rapids...NOT ANYMORE!

I made my final rent payment yesterday and I can't lie that it did feel so great to not have that extra financial burden on my shoulders anymore, but it did also make me reflect on a lot.

Grand Rapids, since 2014, was always a magical, wonderful place to call home for me.

I grew so much there as a student, as someone trying to kick off their career and especially just as the person I am today.

It was home to me for the past five years. It was a place that I felt safe, that I felt welcome, that I felt like anything was possible.

Now, the chapter of living in the city that stole my heart the first time I visited is coming to an end.

I have actually been in a funk lately and really couldn't pinpoint why until I really thought about it and realized all of the things I would miss.

A lot of my friends are there, so of course I can visit, but having them further than a block away is sad. Luckily, we are all growing, keep in touch daily and they are all doing amazing things in their careers and lives too.

I'm going to miss my impromptu brunches at Sundance for a Mayan Mocha or BLT Bloody Mary and diving into a cinnamon roll the size of my head.

The way Rosa Parks Circle is always bustling with activity whether it's people gathering for a cause they care about, art in the middle of the city, ice skating and especially food truck Thursdays.

I could go on and on about the things and people I will miss about living in Grand Rapids but I also reflect on the incredible fun and opportunities I had.

Between ArtPrize, nights out at the bars with all my fellow local hooligans and bumping into bachelorette parties, my family coming to visit and being so excited to sit out at the patio at Founders and more traditions like that always hold a place in my heart.

Grand Rapids is where I fell in love with radio.

It's where five years ago Jordan and I had our first date at a Griffins game in the same venue I would go on to graduate college AND see Lynyrd Skynyrd for the first time...I know Van Andel Arena like the back of my hand.

It's where I celebrated my 21st birthday and celebrated multiple friends getting married.

I could go all day about my love and memories in Grand Rapids, there's too many amazing ones. It is absolutely safe to say I have a big spot in my heart for that city full of life, love, art, beer and friends.

Now that it is "officially" the end of an era, I am so excited for where this new chapter is taking me and I thank you all again for welcoming me with open arms and making Lansing feel like a little piece of home.

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