It's not a stretch to say that many Michigan baseball fans have a soft spot for the Chicago Cubs. But tonight, we say "good - bye" to the wonderful Mr. Ernie Banks.

One of my fondest memories as a kid growing up in Lansing, was getting a Twinkie box full of baseball cards from my buddy Gerry Goff in 4th or 5th grade. He wouldn't part with his beloved Honus Wagner card. I guess now, I cannot blame him!

The box was filled however, with a slew of Topps cards that included some rookie by the name of Steve Garvey that played 3rd base for the Oakland A's and a bunch that featured the head shot of Ernie Banks of the Chicago Cubs from 1971. His final year in the long career with only one team.

44 years later, I bid a fond farewell to the man on that Topps baseball card that was such a great baseball player with a long career. "HOLY COW!" Thanks for the memories, Mr. Banks!

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