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I am a huge fan of the Goonies. It came out the same year Classic Rock was born back in 1985. The film is a bit racist and plays on stereotypes a little but it's a great movie about friendship and adventure. Plus, liking someone who looks a little different.

They make fun of the fat kid. They poke fun at the Asian boy, who still sounds the same by the way. In the end, they come together, form a plan and overcome the adversity.

Blah, blah. They reunited on Facebook the other night. Josh Gad, Olaf from Frozen, organized the get together and you can check it out below.

Man, Chunk turned out OK! I love adding the snapchat filters to my classic Goonies shirts. Whenever I see a Goonies shirt, I yell... "HEY YOU GUYS!"

Rest in Peace John Matuszak!


Chunk 1
Chunk 2

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