As the NFL season officially kicks off tonight, a couple of interesting stories caught my attention this afternoon. And, of course, for sports nerds, they're what you may consider hot-button topics; juicy stories, if you will.

The first story involves the honoring of a sure-fire Hall of Famer, in the eyes of some. Others...including certain colleagues...think he's nothing but an over-spoken, spoiled athlete, who got away crimes none of us would. Today in Baltimore, where Lewis is hailed a hero, the franchise he spent his entire NFL career with unveiled a statue to commemorate the Raven Ring of Famer. And, in typical Ray Lewis fashion, a lengthy motivational speech was delivered by the honoree. This is a link to the video from the Baltimore Ravens' Official Website. (Different from the one here.)

Matt Sullivan - Getty Images Sport

Then, we also found out how suspended Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Josh Gordon will spend his extended off-season. Gordon made waves with talk of going north to play in the Canadian Football League for the remainder of its season. Once that was shot down, Gordon, serving a yearlong suspension for a second violation of the NFL's outdated policies regarding marijuana usage among its athletes, found a gig at a Suburban Akron, OH car dealership. His official title is reportedly the "goodwill ambassador for Sarchione Auto group". Apparently, Gordon will be directly involved with the dealership's community events, including working with the Wounded Warriors Project. Still no official details if those duties will include working out "deals" with local Buckeye recruits. If he needs an experienced wingman, I hear Terrelle Pryor needs a gig, too! Is Maurice Clarrett out of prison? LeBron's back home to lend a hand, too!!

Oh, boy!! The joys of social media gossip!!! Instead of discussing the defending world champion Seattle Seahawks starting the season tonight against the god-foresaken Green Bay Packers, we have these lovely tidbits to debate. (For the record, my prediction for tonight, Aaron Rodgers re-hydrates with heavy doses of vinegar and water) I can't wait to hear from Mr. Joey Pants on this one!! Don't forget!! Make your picks against Joey this week on this page link!!