I have a daughter and her name is "Nugget."

She has Down Syndrome. I have been involved with people affected Down Syndrome for over 10 years. I know, a lot of them respond to music. I know, a lot of people do but NOT LIKE THIS.

Since before she turned 1, we have had her in music therapy. It's probably not what you are thinking. It is an amazing tool to help get your child to vocalize. Now, we do two sessions of music therapy per week.

My daughter has amazing taste in music. Her latest favorite is Mercury Rev featuring Norah Jones. My daughter will see the album cover and start saying "la la la."

This is her favorite song to sit and swing to. She has some favorite dance jams too. She really likes Beyonce. I am so sorry I couldn't shoot this video in landscape. I saw her shaking it and just grabbed the camera to record it. Click here if you are having issues seeing the video. 

I am very proud of my daughter and her taste in music. She has channeled Jimi Hendrix. Click here if you have issues with the video. 

One of the songs is called the Phoenix... Her real name. The line is and I'll raise you like a Phoenix. I pick her up during that part. Well, one day the song came on and I wasn't there to grab her. She acted it out. Click here to see the video off Joey's Facebook. 

Here is another one of my favorite shakes.

People have begged me to share more about my Nugget because she brings smiles to so many faces. She is too great not to be shared.

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