If I were to own a strip club, I'd call it Papa Chubbies. If I were to suggest one thing to workers in strip clubs it would be: Don't wear pictures of your child on your half naked body. IT DOESN'T ENCOURAGE ME TO TIP MORE! It just sends me the message, you don't practice safe sex. It is a big turn off for me. I am not a regular but this is what I observed from my limited exposure to said clubs.

A lady in Oregon has worked at the Lucky Devil Lounge for the last 5 years. She said changes have to happen. It's not like they are asking for a raise, they just want a sanitary work area, adequate security for the handsy folks and a structurally safe environment. It doesn't seem like the demands are out of control. Click here to read all about it. 

In the studio if we know someone is sick, we spray the hell out of the microphone we all share. Can you imagine having to follow some sick, sweaty lady on the pole and not having a chance to spray the area down first, before performing?

I love the misconceptions about strippers.

1) They are in trouble and need to be saved. Um- they probably make more in one night than you do. Not all strippers are being exploited.

2) They are paying their way through college. Most workers are above college age and drive nicer cars than most people here at the radio station.

They are not objects. They are human beings who are dedicated to their craft and deserve the changes they seek. This is not even a difficult decision. It benefits everyone except the nasty club owner who refuses to change. Who loses from them getting what they want?

We were at a middle school graduation last year and one of the kids was named Sapphire. MY WIFE leaned over and said, I wonder what her future job will be?

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