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Edward and Kristin Casas of northern Michigan took their boat onto Lake Michigan Sunday for a pleasure cruise and they brought along their ten month old dog Rylee.

At one point, Edward went into the engine room to trouble-shoot a mechanical problem while Kristin steered. It was during that time that Rylee went overboard. The Casas sent out a mayday call for the puppy, enlisting the help of several fishermen and pleasure boaters. One fisherman got them connected his wife's Facebook group, Lost Dog Search Team. 

Monday morning, Rylee was spotted heading into the Platte River Campground. The Casas drove there and followed suggestions by Lynn Fiedor, the woman who maintains the search site for dogs in the area. Fiedor told them that it's helpful to attract lost dogs my marking their scent around their vehicle, then lying down with the dog's toys and food. Soon after they started squeaking one Rylee's favorite toys, she cam bounding out of the forest to reunite with her people.

As the story unfolds, it appears that at one point, a fisherman pulled Rylee into his boat and headed for Empire, where she bolted once she hit the beach. It appears she walked over a dozen miles to search for her people.