Courtesy Photo of 'Beattles' 45


Last week, Joey Pants and I were talking on the air about record stores that we have loved and stories from friends about their faves. Soon after the conversation, we got a call from 'Jerry', who said that Owosso used to be the home of American Record Pressing, where the very first Beatles record to be released in the US was pressed.

I looked up the story and found all the details here at Michigan Rock and Roll Legends (fascinating website!), as reported by 'Dr. J'.

You can see a picture of that first pressing above, which might be worth a bit of money if you have one of these, with the name of the band misspelled.

American Record Pressing burned to the ground in 1972. Today, behind the housing development that eventually took its place, you can still find a few pieces of broken vinyl in the dirt where it once stood. All the details are here.

Courtesy Photo