Back in the Fall. Michigan Graphics hooked us up with some awesome WMMQ yard signs. It was more of a political alternative then. People would come to the WMMQ studio or occasionally, I would drop them off to the longtime WMMQ listener shut-ins

You can click the Pants People category below to see them all.

So, I had planned on handing more out this spring or fall and saved a bunch. Problem is, my partner left me... Like any smart woman would. Seriously, Deb Hart left to start Deb Hart Yoga and you can still contact her at 

Marty read about my yard sign leftovers and reached out to me at He came in Friday, after the show and scored himself a yard sign AND a hot new WMMQ shirt.

We talked about a lot about the former air staff and station memories. I am honored to have a guy like Marty rocking to WMMQ for all these years. He says this is going in his garage. Thanks for ROCKING, Marty.


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