I do a lot of the shopping and am forced to make the tough decisions in the cereal aisle. Yesterday, shopping at Meijer in Okemos... I am in my 20th minute of cruising boxes when I come across Fruit Loops with Marshmallows. The first red flag was... It was on sale for a buck 88. Still, I have been chucking loops down my throat for over 40 years. How could this be bad?

Well, first of all, if you are going to say you are adding marshmallows, I better notice them. You can barely see them, there are so few. Second, have you ever KNEW something was going to make your poop a funny color before you ate it. Well, I did. The lack of marshmallows was apparent by sight and taste. I'll eat the rest of them but I was not impressed with Fruit Loops with Marshmallows.

Not long ago, I did a product review for Lucky Charms NOW with Unicorn Marshmallows. I posted it on Facebook and people began to fight about politics. 

This is a satirical article for entertainment purposes only. But that cereal sucked.

The hat is my kids and makes her smile when I wear it. It also brings out my missing tooth.

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