The other day, Mrs. Pants and I went shopping. I spent the most time in the cereal aisle, like I always do, making the tough decisions. Then, I came across the sweet sign of Lucky Charms. BUT WAIT!? Now, with Magical Unicorn Marshmallows??? Um- Yeah! The wife chose the crappy Golden Grahams. I told her she would regret it.

I didn't think much of the magical unicorn until I got home. Then, as my wife was pillaging my magically delicious box of Lucky Charms, she said it. "The Unicorn looks an awful lot like the Denver Broncos logo." It does. Someone broke a law. 

Lucky Pants

Now, there are 8 different flavors of marshmallows in the Lucky Charms and there still isn't enough. Everytime, I start talking 'Charms someone calls me up to tell me, "YOU CAN ORDER JUST THE MARSHMALLOWS NOW!!!" Click here to see it but... No Unicorns. 

Here is my review of the Magical Unicorn Marshmallow... It tastes just like the rest.

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