I showed an unnamed friend of mine (Joey Pants) this picture of the Northern Lights over the blue ice at the Mackinac Bridge that was captured by "Dustin Dilworth / D3 Imagery" and his reply, "That can't be real."

"Doubting Joey" didn't believe that this picture wasn't doctored/filtered/photo-shopped in some way, but I had a feeling that the power trio of awe was for real.

I contacted Dustin Dilworth of Gaylord via Facebook and he gave me permission to share it - he has a LOT of spectacular shots of northern Michigan here on his Instagram account, too. If you're looking for a unique gift for someone,  a nice framed shot one of his captured beauty of our gorgeous state might score you some big points.

Dilworth told MLive that he headed out this past Sunday night specifically to get this image, but had to wait for the Aurora Borealis to put on her show, which finally delivered to him this majestic view around 2:00 Monday morning.


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