I know people who LOVE Spam. I think they love the idea of grossing people out more than the actual taste, but we may never really know.

There are people who go mental for spam, and there are people who go equally as ape for pumpkin spice. Now, combine the 2. This fall, Spam will drop their Pumpkin Spice flavor... Is the world ready? Click here to see I am NOT making it up. 

On September 23, you will be able to purchase Pumpkin Spice Spam if you can wait that long. You will only be able to find it at walmart.com and spam.com, so you won't see it on the shelves. You will have to order it, but for the Spam lover in your life, it may the perfect gift.

You may need some Pumpkin Spice Pepto Bismol to wipe out that tummy ache?

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