When you are a big Classic Rock Dj, you get to meet a lot of people. Some you can't seem to remember and some you will never forget. There are times at events I have all kinds of time to chat and other times I can't seem to get to everyone.

Friday in Grand Ledge, I had a few seconds to chat with Keith Beson. He pulled me aside and we talked for a good 10 minutes about our lives and how grateful we were to be alive.

He brought up the old Tim and Deb show and how I got my start and my name. We talked about my daughter, my accident and got much deeper than you get to hear on the radio. It was a conversation that didn't involve people looking at their phones, politics or negativity.

We were outside the 7th annual Bradley Rappuhn Memorial Event in Grand Ledge. As we spoke, a Bald Eagle flew over the venue. I have seen them but NEVER had one fly over my head. It still gives me chills.

Thanks for the support of local radio.

There is way more to us than who we are on the radio.

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