As we always say, "it seems like only yesterday" that our plane was about to land on the greenest place that we had ever seen. Touching down at the Shannon Airport in County Clare, seemed to be part of just an amazing dream. A year and a half of tireless work by a friend that I had yet to meet, would become the most amazing journey of our lives.

With then fiance' (now wife) and show producer Sara Marie, we boarded our plane in Detroit, bound for New York and then, Ireland. Eoin (sounds like Owen) O'Hagan had been working across the pond to bring us over to Scariff, County Clare, to record an episode of my show, "Wild Michigan Outdoors Radio Show." What it turned into was a whirlwind tour of the country and treatment reserved for the biggest of rock stars!

Met by dignitaries of the airport, we were treated to a REAL Irish coffee at it's birthplace. Coffee and Jameson topped with hand whipped cream! Then it was off to the countryside to stop at amazing bed and breakfast with hosts that were second to none. While on the drive, we were greeted by the local DJ on Clare FM. To hear your name on the radio, in another country was a great thrill!

More stops at local shops, whisky tastings and a few pints at Jakko's with Eamon were just part of the first day! The days that followed were spent fishing with our Italian friend Nicola at Black Bay Lodge for pike on the fly. Our new pal Marco actually has family here in Lansing and left us with a hearty "Go Nuts!" A cheer he remembered from his boyhood trip to a Lugnuts game.

More fishing, food and fun led up to the day when we recorded the show and left our mark on the wonderful people of Scariff. Not a day goes by that we don't think about going back to be with our new family.  And as we get closer to St. Patrick's Day, we'll hoist a pint, and enjoy a bit of the craic!

Until we return, Slainte'!

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