The Lansing State Journal published a story that highlights Ingham County's fully-legal dogs, and the names given to them by their owners. Boy, are there some creative names out there. But, each year when the Ingham County Treasurer compiles the list of names from county dog license and vaccination records, the most common names also stand out.

LSJ highlighted a pup named "Leonardo DogVinci"...quite cute and cool! Personally, I loved the simplicity of a dog named "Dude". Apparently, my "Maggie" is one of many in Ingham County as it was in the top 5 female names. But, topping the list for female names, again, was "Bella". "Buddy" is the most common name in the county for males.

As LSJ points out, "Bella" and "Buddy" have topped the list for a number of years. and, that's good news as far as I'm concerned! that means there are plenty of healthy and happy Buddies, Bellas, Maggies, Coopers, Dukes, Daisies, and Sadies that continue to bring a special love and light to their human companions!

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