I watched my wife deal with postpartum depression after the birth of our child. Those were some really dark times. For a lot of people, these are some dark times too. That is why I share the sunshine. I have so many friends tell me to keep posting about my daughter because she is a ray of light in a really dark world.

My wife has become such an amazing mother, it's been a gift to see. My poor daughter has been locked up here for 2 months. This is hard on the kids. They don't understand why they can't see everyone. This has been hard on a lot of people. To keep Nugget occupied, my wife has come up with a bunch of different ideas. Like, making a picture for the grandparents. Making cookies, pizza and lasagna. Getting her dressed up for silly photo shoots. We had so many firsts, I wanted to document some of them.

Quarantine Mother's Day

She loves to watch you work. My wife said she is going to make a great wife. Getting to see her smile sliding down the set I built was awesome but seeing my wife and daughter bond through the pandemic has been an even greater gift. We are trying to make the most of a terrible situation and be a light in a truly disturbing world.

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