Back in Mid-February, Lansing drivers were grooving about those low gas prices. In fact, so much so, that local media spurned social media sites with hopes of prices per gallon falling under one dollar for the first time in 16 years.

If you filled up prior to last weekend, you probably noticed a significant hike at the pump, as Lansing Area prices surged over two dollars per gallon once again. That's exactly where they sit today as Gas Buddy puts the Lansing Area average price per gallon at $2.03. Some stations are a bit lower, with the lowest price noted by Gas Buddy at $1.88.

The good news is, Gas Buddy says that prices are once again trending downward. There's no sense in trying to understand why prices went up in recent weeks, instead of down. I just blame the big mouthed media types!!! (um...wait a minute...)