Summer is officially upon us. The days of chasing down the ice cream man are many Popsicle seasons ago. But we still love our ice cream. Some of the best stuff is made right here in Michigan. Check out the Detroit Free Press Top 5.

Fun fact about popsicles: In England they are called Ice lollies.

These were just metro Detroit ice cream joints. In Lansing, I love the Quality Dairy Ice Cream. I will eat almost anything from the MSU dairy store. When I am at an MSU game, my dad and I HAVE to have a Melting Moments ice cream sandwich. People from Vermontville swear by Mooville. In Williamston, I am stopping at Twister's. In Webbervillle, there is the Moo-Hoo's Dairy Barn. Sometimes the Schwan's man brings it right to my house.

Nothing cools you off on a hot summer day, or night, or morning more than ice cream. There is never a wrong time for ice cream unless you just finished a beer.

Shakes, malts, Boston Cooler's, Sundae's, Blizzards, Buster bars! What is your favorite flavor? What's your favorite brand? And where is your favorite place to get your ice cream?

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