Highlights of the game here from Antenna.com - what did YOU think?

I was too busy talking to my friend during the game to watch much of the action. My Honey says, "it was a defensive struggle on both sides...even though Denver's defense gave up more yards, they made bigger plays...'No, you didn't wreck the game for me - I'm used to tuning things out...'"

The betting public initially had the Panthers at 5.5 point favorites going into the game, but yesterday ESPN did put Denver as the favorite.

I thought the commercial winner was Mexican Avocados spot - also loved the Acura NSX with Van Halen spot. Everyone else in the room liked the Doritos ultrasound spot. REALLY looking forward to the X-Men: Apocalypse movie - I love the series.

Halftime? 'Meh'. More Beyonce would have been better.