The holidays are a time for really connecting with your family, but it does not necessarily mean you have to be excited! Here are the five types of people who are probably in your family and how to deal with them!

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    The Brag-Star

    This is the family member who has just always been "the golden child." You know this person as the one who can do no wrong and just has always had an easy road to success.

    When a bragger gets going, there is no stopping them and if you do, you are labeled the "jealous butthead" for the rest of the night.

    Everything is just so awesome for this person and while you are happy for them, never feel bad out-bragging the bragger! Beat them at their own game and don't downplay your own triumphs! They clearly have had enough of the spotlight, they can afford to share.

  • 2

    The Pity Olympics Silver Medalist

    This person, much like the brag-star, really is just out to get attention but in a more "oh you poor thing" kind of way.

    For some people, getting the attention, sympathy or just being labeled a "victim" is enough which is why this one we dub the "pity olympics silver medalist" because it will never have it as good as gold!

    No matter what crappy thing you are dealing with, this person has had it worse.

    Are you burnt out from working 40 hours a week? Well this person worked 50 and got a flat tire on the way.

    Dealing with this person is as simple as shutting them down by not trying to compete but just saying "wow, that sucks." Anyways what I was saying..." Don't let that person steal you just trying to explain what you've been dealing with. They will have just as many problems the next time, meanwhile you are going out and doing something about yours.

  • 3

    The "Drunk Uncle"

    While "uncle" may make you think this can only be assigned to a specific type of family member, this goes for aunts too!

    This is the family member who is all about conspiracy theories, rants and raves about things they really have no idea about but are not in their right mind so they run with it!

    Now this person can be fun for a good laugh and probably has great stories of various (mis)adventures, things can get awkward after a while.

    This is the family member you can embarrass in front of everyone and almost nobody will blame you for it! All you have to do is educate them with facts on whatever they are rambling about or a simple "that's impossible" or "you're lying because..." This will either shut them right up or, depending on the topic, might just put them to sleep!

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    The Unnecessary Conversationalist

    There is always that one person in your family who does not know how to make just casual conversation and so they sit down and just ask the deepest question they can.

    With this person, everyone else in the room could be talking about the most recent football game but they randomly ask "so when are you two going to give us a grandbaby?"

    Now this person may not have malicious intent here and it's not meant to be a backhanded thing but they are just awkward and don't understand "time and place."

    This person is totally okay to say "you know we haven't gotten there yet" or "I'm not comfortable discussing that right now but tell me more about your sweater."

  • 5

    The One Who 'Gets' You

    This person is the definition of "save the best for last."

    For you, it could be a favorite cousin, likeminded aunt or uncle or even an unexpected family member who is just there to have a good time.

    This is the person you seek out after making the rounds and surviving conversations with the other types and reward yourself!

    Not only do the two of you know how to keep up good conversation but they are also the one who you actually value their advice and they feel the same about yours.

    Maybe you have a drink together, sit and enjoy a laugh talking about things you definitely can't bring up to the others.

    Saving this person for last will end the gathering on a good note and nobody can interrupt you or accuse you of "playing favorites" even if you totally are!

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