There are only 19 days left until Christmas which means you are not only trying to squeeze in your holiday shopping but also so elfing busy with all the ugly sweater, office holiday traditions and most importantly, "White Elephant" parties!

If you're not familiar with "White Elephant" it is basically where each guest brings an unlabeled, random gift (often a gag gift) and everyone trades and gets something in return.

Sometimes the gifts are funny and also (somewhat) usable. Looking at you, toilet mugs.

Other times, you get stuck with the worst gift of the bunch.

Maybe the person you got it from just filled a box full of random things they didn't want anymore like my friend when she gave someone an old accounting textbook, a since-expired student ID and a half-eaten bag of peanut butter M&M's.

There is nothing worse than putting true thought and effort into your gift for one of your fellow party people only to get phallic-shaped lollipops leftover from a bachelorette party and a Smirnoff Ice like what happened to my roommate.

Sure, Christmas is not about the gifts and more about enjoying the people you care about but come on, gang!

I once put together a movie night in a bag with a DVD copy of "Shrek The Halls," popcorn, mini bottles of wine and candy, and all I got was a brick (literally) with Chad Kroeger from Nickelback glued to it...the gag gift I helped my boyfriend make for his contribution. Karma is fun.


Have you ever been the jerk, or were you the one who "got bricked"? Let us know!

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