It's no secret. Everything I know about pleasing women, I learned from the Golden Girls. They told the truth. In a time when everyone was blowing smoke up your butt in the 80's... These ladies told it like it was.

Seriously, I love the show. I used to watch it with my bitchy grandma and it made her more likeable. I don't know about going on a cruise though. It seems like everyone would be refreshing their internet to see if Betty White passed. I love Betty and DON'T WANT THAT!

Click here for all the details on the Golden Girls themed cruise that would set sail from Miami to the afterlife in 2020... Ok it's to Mexico but isn't that the same as Hell?

Funny story: I think Nick Chase has a thing for the only living Beatle, Betty White. We could chip in and get him a deluxe cabin for 1,00 bucks. Maybe close enough to break the ice with Betty?


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