Singers commit to their craft. Freddie Mercury was one of the greatest singers I have ever heard. Rumor is, Freddie refused to get his teeth fixed because he believed their shape was key to his sound. He was afraid if he got his teeth fixed, he wouldn't sound the same. He sacrificed looks for his sound.

Apart from his amazing sound, he was one of the greatest showmen to ever front a band. The outfits, the BALLS, the fearlessness. We have not seen ANYTHING like this since and likely never will again. He would kill on these singing shows though.

Here is a video every Queen fan needs to see about Freddie.

One of the most heartbreaking facts of Freddie's life was he was rumored to have AIDS for years before he finally made the announcement on November 22 of 1991. He died just over 24 hours later.

When I am asked who the greatest frontman/singer ever is... I don't even think.

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