This story totally changed my day. It's kind of a guy feel good story. Seth Meyers, who lived in Okemos for a while, is a late night host and known LIBERAL! This story has NOTHING to do with politics and in fact is THE KIND OF STORY WE NEED RIGHT NOW.

It got me thinking about my bachelor party.

I think EVERY bachelor party has at least one stranger at it. Or at least one or two guys the groom doesn't know. THere is always one mustached fella that just seems to sniff out a bachelor party.

Seth has had some pretty amazing stories. The one about his wife giving birth had me in tears.

The birth of his second child was even more entertaining.

I remember thinking about our childbirth and with our baby being breached, we could never have given birth in hotel lobby. But I feel the same about my wife. What a warrior and hero.



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