It's make us say wow, Wednesday. The day you tell us a story, share a picture or just make us say wow. Over the last 20 years, I have made jaws drop everywhere with my story.

I had 12,500 voltz of electricity shoot out my penis. Then, I fell 25 feet to the ground. Later, I had a dead person's skin grafted to my testicles to hold the old package together. Plus, I had part of my groin grafted to my hand... So, now pubic hairs grow on my right hand... Man, does it itch.

EVERYTHING I just said was true. When I talk about the voltage and the penis, people think I was into some kinky sex stuff but no. I got in an electrical accident. I was working around high voltage lines and took a poke in the pee-pee. Why there? Because electricity is attracted to metal and I had a copper zipper. It found the path of least resistance to my junk. Fun WOW fact. My left testicle also took some voltage and started swelling. When it go the size of a softball it ripped the sack open creating a need for cadaver skin. That is skin donated by another person.

I wish I were joking about it. I use humor to combat this terrible accident I lived through. It helps deal with the daily nightmare of PTSD a little easier. It's my attempt to own the situation. Maybe it's not the story that is so shocking but the fact that I have no fear telling it is more wow worthy.

I would love to hear yours! Sens me your story to or share it in the comments.

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