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You should all pray for my wife. She isn't feeling the best. My guess is, for the last month she has been stuck with me here and now she must be realizing... He is this stupid.

I spend a lot of time with our daughter and I told my wife last week. "I think I'll get the kite out today."
She said "It's too windy to fly a kite today."

She told me, the guy who just got his first kite up like last year... How to run my kite ship.
Full disclosure: Since my first kite flight, I have lost 2 in trees around my house. I didn't lose them but the trees took them.

My wife calls me the Charlie Brown of kites. I hate Charlie Brown and don't know what that means.
It turns out she was right though. The wind blew it in a tree where it got stuck for a few days. I got the last laugh though... It blew out today and still works! I live to fly again!


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