This was accompanied by an email titled "Take Care of Your Trash", which went to all the grown ups in our Lansing office. Apparently, coffee stirs do not magically melt once you can't seem them anymore.

"The Coffee Stirrers do not get thrown away in the sink. The plumbers were here today to fix the leaking faucet and noticed the drain going down slowly. They pulled these stir straws out from the sink (pipe)."

I LOVE stuff like this, when I'm not the one who does it.

As for the 'flowers in the disposal' story, many years ago I co-rented a house in Lansing on Ionia & Chestnut, near Ferris Park. The kitchen sink had a fancy 'garbage disposal' - perhaps you've heard of those?

We didn't have such a luxury when I was growing up in Midland, so I (clearly) didn't really understand the 'protocol' for what should and shouldn't go in the disposal. Which led to my thinking that it would be mildly entertaining to put the remains of a bouquet of flowers down the disposal to 'see how it performed'. It did not go well. I imagine the very nice landlord is still telling people about the renter who pulled that trick. The look on his face was of profound disbelief when I told him what I'd tried to put through it. I don't think I mentioned the time that I put hot candle wax in the drain...


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