I wrote a story yesterday about the joy of my road being closed. Click here to see the sheer happiness. Like all things in our universe, there is a yin and yang to everything.

When we had our child, we stayed at the in-laws for a few weeks while my wife recovered from her c-section. They had this chair I REALLY loved to feed and rock my daughter in. So, when it came time to go back home, they gave me the chair. The chair was good to us. My daughter has hidden many things in the pockets of that chair. Maddening, really.

Now, it's more of a place for her to hide behind or bang her head on. Sometimes she likes to try and fall off of it. It's time for the chair to go. So, we do what we always do. Put it out by the road.

One time, I was taking a broken old air conditioner out there and a car stopped before I even put it down. I actually put it in their car for them.

The road is closed now to bridge repair and there the chair sits with other crap I don't want. Do you want this crap? I threw a fold-up camping couch and a piece of s*** old chair that I hate to sweeten the pot. Comment with crappy trade options.

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