Have you ever seen JImi Hendrix set his guitar on fire? It's an iconic Classic Rock moment.

Please excuse the mess of my house. The other night, we were playing music in the kitchen when my daughter decided it was time for a solo. She isn't even 2 yet but here she channels that great Jimi Hendrix moment.

We got this guitar in Williamston at a garage sale earlier this summer. That thing sat in our living room for about 6 months untouched. Then, one day she picks it up and hasn't put it down since.

My daughter does music therapy 2 times a week. A lot of Down Syndrome kids have trouble vocalizing but not her. She has no trouble making all kinds of sounds. Recently, she began to mimic some of the sounds she hears.

When we go to playgroups and I introduce her, the social workers or therapists always say: "I have heard of her... She is kind of a rock star."

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