I was watching the Rush documentary "Beyond the Lighted Stage" today and a clip came on. I remember seeing this when I saw Rush live a few years ago. I had a few beers that night and the amazing perfection of the band is what I remember most. Plus, the joke of how there were no chicks at Rush shows. That and Nick Chase passing out. OK he wasn't passed out. He was just tired from being up all night drinkin'.

Anyway. Here is the awesome intro and song. (not from the Detroit show)

Here is the entire documentary. It is really an awesome watch. You come away feeling like Rush was never given a chance and still succeeded. Critics hated them. The record company almost dumped them. They stayed true to themselves, overcame and persevered through tragedy. To me, they are this generations Led Zeppelin. They carry the progressive rock torch and remind us what a great band should be.

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