This has been out for about a year and is the first time I am seeing this. I can see this becoming a REAL interview tactic in the future. Not because of the pretty lady because you can test how easily distracted someone could be. It's not just the guys, Mrs. Pants is always pointing out something special to me. She never misses a thing.

I LOVE the maid uniform but not this color. The black and French Maid uniforms are my favorite. I still watch the movie Clue just so I can see Yvette running around in that hot little number. The Maid uniform is my 3rd favorite. I love the school girl outfits but something about seeing a woman in scrubs or an all out nurses uniform, does something for me. It's working. You can see right through those scrubs! Well, at least I can. I loved the look on those guys faces. I would have screamed out "DUDE!"

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