The Frankfort lighthouses are some of my favorite sights in Michigan. It is one of my Michigan happy places. Whenever we go there, the sun comes out.

I love the beach but I love walking the pier out to the lighthouse to see the latest rounds of graffitti. A few years ago, we were there and there was a warning to all "FUGGIES" to go home! A fudgie is a southerner from Michigan who travels north for the lakes and fudge.

This year, Lake Michigan was noticeably high. Some rocks we once stood on were now under water. The strip of land between the two towns of Frankfort and Elberta was almost covered in water.

Out on the lighthouse, there weren't any warnings this year. Some Classic Rock faces popped up though.

I DO NOT CONDONE GRAFFITTI or defacing public property.


Frankfort Lighthouse

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