If being near the water and enjoying the views is your thing, this home has it all. It comes with 447 feet of Lake Michigan beachfront, and 658 feet of frontage on the Kalamazoo River. Architect John Tilton from Chicago designed this home to resemble a boat. The home is located on several acres of forested dunes.

This complex includes a guest house, which is why you will see two kitchens, multiple family rooms and bedrooms. The complex contains 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, with 8,365 square feet of living space. This home was built by the Denison family, the original owners of Broward Yachts.

Visitors arriving at the home would come to the carport on the west side with the guest house being to the east. There is a tunnel below that connects the two houses. There is also underground parking, built to keep cars from spoiling the natural views.

The home boasts a ton of windows bringing out of this world views of the lake and dunes. The home is set on 7.31 acres, right next to the water’s edge. This home actually sits closer to Lake Michigan than any new homes could be today, as it was built prior to new regulations. Lots of nautical touches in this home, which makes sense because the family that built it manufactured yachts.

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This complex also has almost 4000 square feet of outdoor porch to aid in those awesome views. The home also has a huge private beach on the lake and river. Living in this home would make it feel like you are always on vacation. It can be yours for $8.75 million dollars, that monthly payment would only be $42,315 a month. We can always dream!

This Multi-Million Dollar Home in Saugatuck Michigan is a Beach Lover's Dream Come True

This Multi-Million Dollar Home in Saugatuck Michigan is a Beach Lover's Dream Come True

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