If your vehicle gets covered with snow like these and you don't clear the snow off the top before driving away, you could get a ticket for 'distracted driving' here in Michigan. Of course there would be a fine.

Check out the picture below of a vehicle behind me on Kalamazoo Street in Lansing last winter - seriously? The thing was covered in snow.




In Canada, they'll write the ticket for 'an unsecured load' - just ask Jonathon McCullough of Winnipeg, who got pulled over near a hockey rink this past Friday when he had about 3-4 inches of snow on the roof of his mini-van.

McCullough told his buddy about it and his friend posted it on Facebook. That's going to cost him $237.50 (Canadian).

Facebook Courtesy Photo



As to the posting on Facebook, McCullough says, "There's no in between. They either think I'm an idiot for not cleaning it off and lazy, or they think that the law is stupid and that there wasn't really that much snow on it."

McCullough says he'll go to court to either get the ticket dismissed or the fine reduced.

Facebook Courtesy Photo of Jonathon McCullough Van