It's easy to be negative right now. Yesterday, I told my wife, "I want to put the flag out but I am so DISGUSTED with my country for how they have mishandled this."

My wife said, "The flag is more of a sign of the PEOPLE of this country than the government." So, I put it out. Not long after the sun came out and I snapped a few pics of old glory.

We went inside and my daughter asked to watch "Thomas and Friends." She just says "Whoo!" So, we went in and watched some. One of the messages was about being brave. The children show's definition of being brave was... What you do, even when you are scared. That is being brave.

After a few days of being utterly depressed, it was the kick in the ass I needed.

I am still very scared but we have to live for today and appreciate today. I want her to remember me being brave and having hope. Not a turtle who balls up on the couch.



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