I can honestly say, I have done this... But I didn't get it this close.

The Masters fire up tomorrow and it looks like Jordan Spieth is ready. I seriously have sent a skipper over the water at Oak Lane Golf Course #8 in Webberville. I probably didn't save par or get a birdy that day.

#16 at the Masters is a Legendary hole. Tiger Woods hit a shot there a few years ago you may remember?

The hole is named Redbud. Click here to see the description.

I wonder if he meant to do it. Two years ago, I watched him practice putts. He was putting from around 20 feet and took 9 shots. He missed one. He was not happy about the miss. I would have been happy to make one. I BET he could do it again if he tried.

in 2016, Louis Oosthuizen hit one of the most AMAZING hole in one's I have ever seen.

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