I am proud of a lot of people in Lansing. I am proud to be a DJ in a city so freaking cool.

Monday morning there was a lot to clean up in Lansing. After a night of violent incidents, there were broken windows, dumpster fires and crap all over to be cleaned up. We wrote a story on here saying if you wanted to help out, cleanup started at 9:30. By the time 9:30 rolled around, pretty much the only thing left to cleanup in Lansing was the graffiti. People started showing up at 5 am without being asked and started cleaning the place up. If you know them, please thank them for me. Thank you all for not staying home!

There seems to be a lot of negative current pulling the world down. It's nice to see these kinds of actions because they inspire others to do good. Rather than to join into this nonsense. It REALLY is nonsense. Rioting and looting isn't just being done by black people. I saw people of most races involved. I saw a lot of races join together and cleanup too.

I saw hope and love for Lansing and it seems like it's been a while. People taking pride in OUR city.

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