It seems yet again that the "Friendly Place To Live" is in need of a new slogan.

Residents of Wilcox Road in Holt are waking up to the most juvenile of actions .Mailboxes have been the target of individuals with apparently nothing better to do.

Sometime during the evening, possibly near midnight when I heard a rather curious noise outside of my own home, that mailboxes down the road we're smashed and destroyed.

Despite the damage, there is some good to come out of this. When, not if the idiots are caught that did this, they face federal charges because the US Government considers mailboxes "Government Property," as well as the mail that is in it. If either is damaged due to vandalism, heavy fines and jail time can be incurred.

So rejoice in knowing the cowardly pukes that did this, WILL be caught and .charged accordingly. 

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