Last week, this story went super viral. An employee at a Greenville, Michigan Wendy's took a bath in the kitchen sink while he was at work.

“So yeah I’m just gonna tell everyone right now DONT NOT GO TO THE GREENVILLE WENDYS. THIS IS DISGUSTING PLEASEEEEEE SHARE THIS,” wrote Facebook user Connor Somerfield, who posted the video that was originally uploaded on TikTok. (Fox News)

And to answer your question, yes. Everyone was fired. The restaurant even went on to say the whole place was scrubbed down and sanitized.

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But here's the thing. Wendy's, we have a problem. Because this isn't the first time a Wendy's employee has been caught on viral video, taking a bath in a sink at the restaurant, with other employees egging him on.

BUT apparently back in May of 2019, another Wendy's employee did the EXACT SAME THING at a restaurant in Milton, Florida. Take a look at the news story below.

And even though they wouldn't let the tv station have the video in the news story above, we have scoured the internet and posted it below. Enjoy.

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