I am sorry. I love that picture of Wooderson. (Matthew McConaughey) It was my reaction to the thought of a Blue shirt stopping a bully.

I was bullied as a kid. It didn't kill me, so it made me a bit stronger. I got dropped on my head in a bathroom when older jerks were trying to give me a swirly. I chose the ground over the rest stop crapper. I still stand by my split decision.

Some kids don't survive bullying. I can't imagine being a parent and surviving that. That is why we have Blue Shirt Day Monday! It's World Day of Bullying Prevention.

What do you do? Wear a Blue shirt to show your support for the bullies of the world. Seriously, though, it's the day of the year people wear BLUE together against bullying. It also kicks off National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month every October.

Now, this is simple. It just takes numbers and people to speak up. When you see someone being bullied, DO SOMETHING. Well, that is my simple advice. It works for real life bullying but not cyberbullying. I have seen senior citizens cyberbullying people about politics on social media. I can't imagine what I can't see.


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