We all understand Christmas is not just about the gifts, but if you are going to give or receive one, you at least hope it is a good one, right?

Parties where friends are just out to get each other with silly gag gifts like "White Elephant" parties are breeding grounds for gifts that just make you say "WTF!?"

For example, listener Mike won the giveaway this morning when he got earwax as a "White Elephant" gift.

Office parties with "Secret Santa" make it so people forget the party was that day and cause them to scramble to find the perfect gift like Reddit user, lola__bunny, whose boss gave her a used "zoodler." Now a "zoodler" (AKA a spiralizer) is actually a really handy tool used to make noodles out of vegetables like zucchini...however a used one from your boss is not the ideal gift!

Sometimes, though, the bad gifts don't come from evil friends playing pranks or the acquaintances you work with, they come from the people who are supposed to know you the best...your family and/or significant other!

In my case, my boyfriend Jordan got me a roll of Flex Tape (as a joke), but I have yet to use it.

Other Reddit users said their family or partner(s) gave them things like a dead squirrel just shot that morning, dead crickets and mint flavored condoms!

What gifts have you received for Christmas that just made you say "WTF!?"

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